The unidentified officer is seen reaching for the young man’s camera
The unidentified officer is seen reaching for the young man’s camera
Screenshot: Tia Ewing (Facebook)

One of Chicago’s finest is under investigation after he was caught on camera harassing two black men and quipping, “I kill motherfuckers.”

The officer is seen in the video in an unmarked car, but in full uniform (minus his name and badge) taunting the young men.


“I kill motherfuckers,” the officer could be heard telling the men who were recording.

The officer can be heard also telling the young men not to film him.

“You want to do the bullshit, how about I lock you up for walking in the street,” he said to one, who was clearly seen standing in the grass by the road.

The men try to walk away, but the first officer reverses his car while still speaking to them, and then exits his vehicle and follows them, continuing to harass them.

“You want to know the good news, though? Illinois is a two-party consent state and I don’t consent to you recording me,” the officer continued.


One of the young men retorted that he was recording himself on Snapchat, reminding the officer that he’s the one that hopped into the shot.

At one point, the officer accuses the man holding the camera of hitting his shoe, while continuing to push himself into the young man’s space, crowding him and apparently attempting to intimidate him (or looking for any reason to escalate his encounter with the young men).


According to Fox 32, the Civilian Office of Police Accountability has opened an investigation into the incident, though more details were not available at press time.

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