Cherry Pickin'

The New York Times: Obama looks to tax wealthy to pay for health care

TBT: Who, oh who, will defend the poor defenseless wealthy?!

The Boston Globe: Food stamp applications rise in Massachusetts

TBT: This is one of those times when legacies get written, Governor Patrick.

The Washington Post: An unwanted ally for D.C. residents

TBT: Remember when Mike Tyson held up a 'Free Kobe' sign at a Laker game? This is like that, but probably worse.


The Wall Street Journal: Targeted Industries Mad at Obama, Lobbyists Working Again

TBT: Thank goodness. Without lobbyists, we really wouldn't know what matters.

Al Jazeera: A focus on the Gaza Strip

TBT: Yes; there are two sides to this story.

The Black Headband: Watermelons on the White House lawn

TBT: What a clever picture! Don't take this personally, guys. Remember: Stuff like this is all in our heads.


Salon: Nancy Pelosi thinks 'Truth Commissions' are amateur hour

TBT: While at times problematic, the woman does not play.

The Huffington Post: Obamas honor Stevie Wonder

TBT: Kudos on the Stevie love, Mr. President. But just know: if there's no Prince love, it's over between us.


The Daily Beast: Caring for kids who kill

TBT: Quite the briar patch. Moving right along…

Michelle Malkin: Helen Thomas allegedly says something unfortunate

TBT: Further proof that really old people can just say whatever they want. *Sigh*


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