Cher Offers to Pay Legal Fees for Black Security Guard Fired for Telling Student to Stop Calling Him N-Word

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She’s a half-breed with a heart of gold.

Now before y’all get your boxers in a bunch, the headline is a play on the title of one of Cher’s signature songs — way before her fifty-eleventh comeback in the late 1990s with Believe.


Now back to the matter at hand:

The Academy Award winning actress and Grammy Award winning singer has offered to cover the legal costs for a black security guard who was fired from a school after telling a black student not to use a racial slur against him.

She publicly vowed to financially aid Marlon Anderson if he decides to sue the Wisconsin school that fired him.

Last Wednesday, Anderson was given the pink slip for a job he’s worked for 11 years for using the N-word himself when asking the student not to use it during a obscenity laced confrontation.

Madison West High School reportedly has a zero-tolerance policy for staff using the term.

But not for the students.

While referencing the late congressman Elijah Cummings, who died Thursday at the age of 68, the woman formerly known as Cherilyn Sarkisian tweeted: “How can people be this disrespectful!?”


“A beloved man of color just passed and our nation is mourning him,” the dyslexic Democratic Party-supporting diva started the tweet, which was in a response to a user, who brought Anderson’s story to her attention.

“Elijah Cummings FOUGHT FOR JUSTICE. He was loved and feared.

“If you want to sue [Madison Metropolitan School District] education board, I will incur your expenses.”


Anderson — perhaps a fan of black comedians and trash rappers — said that he expected the school to have taken into account the context of the exchange.


“My understanding of the policy was white staff shouldn’t use the N-word under any circumstances,” he told NBC News.

“But I had no idea me being called the word and me telling the student not to call me the word would get me fired.”


No word if he plans to take Cher, who has a reported net worth of $360 million, up on her offer.


WMTV reported Saturday that Anderson landed a gig at the Boys & Girls Club in Dane County.

Should I make a “jocular” remark using another one of Cher’s classics about gypsies, tramps and thieves?


Nah. I’m good.



If you google Cher this is the top “news” story:

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