Chelsea Clinton made her debut as a contributor to NBC News' Rock Center With Brian Williams last night, filing the first in a series of "Making a Difference" featurettes. The Washington Post concludes that she has no charisma at all and is, in fact, "one of the most boring people of her era." It calls the segment "fluff," while Mediaite dismisses the piece as "a feel-good, sometimes cloyingly sweet look at a woman in Pine Bluff, Arkansas."

Annette Dove, the woman featured in the segment, who quit a well-paying job and gave up her life savings to offers meals, a safe place, tutoring and mentoring to the black children in her T.O.P.S. after-school program, might take issue with having her story written off as "exactly as one might expect." While critics are busy evaluating the relatively meaningless issue of Clinton's star power or lack thereof, Dove's message ("Our kids are punished because their parents are unable to provide for them, and it's not fair") is lost, and that's a shame. Check out the clip, and consider focusing more on the content than the delivery.

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