Check on It: Ivy Park 'Drip 2' Is More Accessible All Around

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Screenshot: Adidas Originals/YouTube

One of the best qualities a creator can have is to listen to (constructive) feedback and adjust accordingly—and it appears Beyoncé and Adidas have done exactly that with their second collaborative drop of Ivy Park. Following criticisms that the relaunch of the brand was both cost-prohibitive to most and lacking inclusivity, “Drip 2" not only debuted Thursday with a fresh new palette but a new price point and size range.


As reported by Fashionista: “This Ivy Park collection also represents the brand’s foray into extended sizes, with pieces available in sizes XXXS through 4X, the brand confirms to Fashionista. Plus, ‘Drip 2' is reasonably priced, all under $200.”

While $200 is still a lot of money to many (especially amid an ongoing pandemic and resulting economic crisis), the simultaneous price- and body-consciousness of the brand is no doubt welcome to those looking to indulge in a little athleisure during this era of heightened at-home luxury, work, workouts, and pretty much everything else we can manage. After all, as Beyoncé notes in her teaser of the line, “When you have nowhere to go, what do you do?”

Maiysha Kai is managing editor of The Glow Up, host of The Root Presents: It's Lit! podcast and Big Beauty Tuesdays, and your average Grammy-nominated goddess next door. May I borrow some sugar?



Maiysha, I was already able to purchase everything I wanted from Drip2 from the Adidas app. I got an email telling me I could order at 4pm, but then saw on Twitter people were able to order on the app early. I logged into the app and was able to order.

I spent an obscene amount of money and I don’t care because I deserve it. I’m starting a new job with a big promotion in a few weeks. I’ve been living in my house quarantining since March and I am participating in the Moderna vaccine trial so that my kinfolk are represented (I get my second shot next week. You all are welcome).

Ivy Park Drip 2 is my, “You’re a good person, doing good deeds, so here’s something nice” award. Now that my order is confirmed, can’t nobody tell me nothing. I will be walking around my house in my mint-ish green Ivy Park suit and loving it!