Charles Barkley Gifts HBCU Miles College With $1 Million

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Photo: Lisa Lake (Getty Images for Julius Erving Golf Classic (a PGD Global Production)

Charles Barkley definitely understands the value of our nation’s historically black colleges and universities—so much so that he has reportedly made it his personal mission to give them money whenever possible.


USA Today reports that the former NBA All-Star and USA “Dream Team” member, who previously donated $1 million each to Clark Atlanta University, Morehouse College and Alabama A&M, on Wednesday gave $1 million to Miles College, an HBCU located in his home state of Alabama.

Bobbie Knight, who became the college’s first woman president last July, told USA Today that Barkley’s donation “helps lay the foundation” for a $100 million fundraising campaign for the school.

When Knight became president, Barkley made it a goal to ensure the school had financial resources during her tenure.

“I’ve gotten to know Bobbie Knight over the last year and it was something I really wanted to do,” Barkley told USA Today. “To have a female president is a big deal. I want to help Bobbie be as successful as she can be.”

His questionable basketball opinions and antics on NBA on TNT aside, it would appear that Barkley is really about that action when it comes to supporting the education of young black people, and we are all the way here for it.

News Editor for The Root. I said what I said. Period.


If you want to fix racism in America, fix the wealth gap.

Cash isn’t wealth...just look how many lottery winners end up broke. A college degree is wealth, a home is wealth, a job with a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work and a decent retirement plan is wealth. Wealth is a long-term two-way mutually beneficial relationship with the rest of society.

Strengthening HBCUs along with all public colleges, making college affordable and debt-free for young Black men and women as has been done recently by several wealthy people recently shows uncommon foresight. Not to throw shade on them, but it’s not enough. We shouldn’t have to rely on the few rich who decide to give back. We need to tax the wealthy in order to provide continuing and improved support for the society that allowed them to become wealthy in the first place. As great as Barkley’s gifts have been, it shouldn’t be up to him and a few others.