When Chanequa Campbell cried racism after Harvard refused to let her graduate behind a drug deal gone bad, I knew she had failed. Cries of racism have lost their potency, thank God. Her peers won't ride for her, and small wonder why. The days when you could just print up a t-shirt slogan and start a march railing against the white man willy-nilly are behind us, I hope. The Duke Rape Case taught alot of youse that it's best reserve judgement on whitey until all the facts have been tabled.

The sad thing about Campbell is she just doesn't seem to get it: no matter what color you are, if people tend to get shot around you, or your People carry a pound of weed on the regular, evidently you are wont to roll with some wild-ass emmeffers, and this fact could shade your life. Not everyone's down for dodging bullets whilst collecting their degree. The fact that Rev. Al hasn't put on the cape and cowl and swooped in strikes many people strange, but not me. Something stinks about that whole  Harvard shoot-out scenario, and it's best to just fall back until all the facts shake out.

What do you think —- should the NAACP or something come to the aid of Chanequa Campbell? Is she the victim of racism?


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