Chance the Rapper Buys Influential Chicago News Site

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You can now add media mogul to Chance’s formidable resume.

In a new track (one of four released at midnight on Thursday), Chance The Rapper dropped word of a major new acquisition: The Chicagoist, an online media outlet that specializes in local reporting on the Windy City.


Chance announced the media move in the song, “I Might Need Security,” with the lyric: “I bought the Chicagoist just to run you racist bitches out of business.”

(The lines preceding it talk about an attempted doxxing after he missed an interview, and the Chicago Sun-Times reporting on his alleged child support issues.)

You can hear the announcement below at the 2:20 mark.

As the Gothamist reports, the deal was confirmed by WNYC, which acquired the Chicagoist earlier this year after its billionaire owner Joe Ricketts suddenly shut down the site, along with sister sites at the Gothamist and DNAinfo.

“We are delighted that the Chicagoist assets are finding a new home in the hands of a proud Chicagoan,” President and CEO Laura Walker of New York Public radio said in a statement. “WNYC has a strong commitment to local journalism and building community, and we are pleased that these assets will be used to support local coverage in the great city of Chicago.”

The Gothamist and DNAinfo sites were best known for their detailed and thorough local reporting. Many of the stories they covered would be picked up by national news outlets or go viral.


“I’m extremely excited to be continuing the work of the Chicagoist, an integral local platform for Chicago news, events and entertainment,” Chance said about the acquisition. “I look forward to re-launching it and bringing the people of Chicago an independent media outlet focused on amplifying diverse voices and content.”

In “I Might Need Security,” which is built around a surprisingly soothing chorus of “Fuck You,” Chance the philanthropist and activist also called for Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel to step down, and for “an open investigation on all of these paid vacations for murderers” (a reference to Chicago PD’s officer-involved shootings and the administrative leave those cops receive).

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First of all, I dig the song (and that sample LOL).

Also, imagine working for Chance. That’d be pretty sweet. Maybe see if he’ll buy the Root?