Rapper and overgrown child Jay Electronica

Isn't it disappointing when someone's musical genius is not reflected in other ways? Exhibit A: Rapper Jay Electronica was captured on video bragging about a bet he has with rapper Nas and his DJ. about whether all women like to be choked during sex. The Crunk Feminist Collective went slap-off on the brother, whose brilliance on the mic was torpedoed by his asinine and juvenile comments about what women want in the bedroom. Did we mention that Jay Electronica made the comments admittedly in front of a crowd with underaged teens present? CFC doesn't feel that erotic asphyxiation is what's sexist — people like what they like — but betting on it is. How old is this guy? Because of this extreme lapse in judgment, we have to go back to our 1995 lexicon and give Jay Electronica the "gas face." Clutching our pearls over here at The Root.

Read more at Crunk Feminist Collective. Watch the video (NSFW — not safe for work) below (comments about the bet begin at 1:40):