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Celebrities Argue That the Truth Matters


(The Root) — Who cares about the truth?

This political season, the one thing that's been on trial more than any candidate or his actions has been what's actually the truth. Fact-checking websites are more popular than ever, even as their own truth-telling capabilities have been called into question. At this point — when #SayAnything2012 is in such full swing — what are we all supposed to do?

Mock the holy hell out of all of it.

Actually … , a new project that just hit the Net, seeks to do the job of fact-checking while adding a healthy dose of humor. Public figures such as Rosie Perez, W. Kamau Bell, Jay Smooth and others (full disclosure: I'm one of the others) tackle some of the magical half-truths and ridiculousness that have come out of the Romney-Ryan campaign.

Check out the first release from the campaign, featuring Perez tackling Romney's desire to be Latino to help him win the election.


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