Betina Wilcots

Courtesy of Betina Wilcots

"This is a photo of my husband, Thalleaus (aka Coco), and me celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary at Catalina Island, Calif. We have three beautiful children and continue to grow in God's grace daily. We would not have made it without the love and respect that we have for each other." —Betina Wilcots

Cissi Sherlock and William Rivers

Courtesy of Cissi Sherlock


"Happy Valentine's Day 2012!" —William Rivers and Cissi Sherlock of Indianapolis

Cleo Denise Allen

Courtesy of Cleo Denise Allen


"On New Year's Eve 2000, my honey and I met at a neighborhood lounge! He casually walked by, smiled and said hello and disappeared; then he returned a few minutes later with his New Year's Eve attire. After staring indefinitely, he finally caught me as I went to the ladies' room and said, 'Either your man is late or you don't have one.' I laughed out loud hysterically because he was right — I didn't have one. I left the lounge to go to a sister-friend's house, where he later showed up, to my total surprise; chased me from room to room, until I got tired; and we finally sat in the middle of the floor and proceeded to talk for hours. Here we are 11 years later and loving it." —Cleo Denise Allen

Kristen Pope

Courtesy of Kristen Pope


"We were married on Jan. 16, 2011." —Kristen Pope

John and Nancy Crigler

Courtesy of Nancy Crigler


"My precious husband took us from central Texas on a trip to the Western National Parks. This is from Zion National Park in August 2010. We did 11 states and 5,200 miles in 17 days on the motorcycle. Had a wonderful time! John's 71 and I'm 65. We will have been married six years on Sept. 10. He's a great valentine!" —Nancy Crigler

Rashaan Peek

Courtesy of Rashaan Peek


"Five years ago, on March 9, I married my homie. Life is interesting — sometimes the man or woman of your dreams is right in front of you." —Rashaan Peek (bottom)

Shara and Jerry Blake

Courtesy of Shara Blake


"This is me and my very best friend, husband and valentine, Jerry Blake. We are due to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary this year. We love each other's company, and we love to laugh! We have two beautiful adult children, and we pray that they find a best friend who becomes their spouse." —Shara Blake

Cicely and Shawn Philpot

Courtesy of Shawn Philpot


"Here is the love of my life, Cicely J. Philpot. We exchanged vows on Sept. 12, 2010. When I look into her eyes, I see the culmination of all things good that God has brought into my life and in this world. Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie!" —Shawn Philpot

Trish Matthews-Owens

Courtesy of Trish Matthews-Owens


"This is my husband and me on our fifth anniversary. We have been married now for 21 years!" —Trish Matthews-Owens

Ashley Clark

Courtesy of Ashley Clark


"My boyfriend and I met in high school in 2004. In April of 2006 we started dating and have been together ever since. We have been through so much together and have even been homeless, living on the street together. We are better now, and even though we don't have a place of our own yet, we still have each other. This April will be our six-year anniversary. This photo is from last summer on a date to the movies. We love each other very much and are trying to make it together." —Ashley Clark

Nicole and Anthony Leonard

Courtesy of Nicole Anderson Leonard


"The love of my life. This is our 19th Valentine's Day." —Nicole Anderson Leonard

Michelle Webb

Courtesy of Michelle Webb


"Our 25th wedding anniversary." —Michelle Webb

Josiah and Tarani Joy Woodson

Courtesy of Tarani Joy Woodson


"We were married Aug. 28, 2010. (This is our engagement pic from November 2009.) We met as children in 1988 in Ohio and reconnected 20 years later in New York City at one of Josiah's performances. Josiah is a jazz musician, and I am a Ph.D. student at Columbia University. We lived in Brooklyn for our first year of marriage and recently moved to Paris, where Josiah is pursuing jazz and I am pursuing research." —Tarani Joy Woodson

Anthony and Marlaina Jackson

Courtesy of Anthony Jackson


"I married my best friend, and six years, two dogs and two kids later, she is still the up to my down, the straight to my crooked, the light to my darkness! Never has a man been so in love!" —Anthony Jackson

Elithia Stanfield

Courtesy of Elithia Stanfield


"This is a photo of my husband and me at our 30th-wedding-anniversary celebration; we have now been married 35 years. We have been together through sickness and health, for richer and poorer and for better and worse. He is my best friend who I will always love with all my heart." —Elithia Stanfield

Albert Moses and Urla Eversley-Moses

Courtesy of Urla Eversley-Moses


"In celebration of our first Valentine's Day as Rev. Albert Moses and and Rev. Urla Eversley-Moses." —Urla Eversley-Moses

Lakesha McGuire

Courtesy of Lakesha McGuire


"We were only dating at the time, but when we released this photo via our Facebook pages, there were a ton of 'Are you engaged?' replies. We married six months later! We will celebrate our two-year anniversary this year in June. Still in our newlywed phase; the courtship continues!" —Lakesha McGuire

Robert Gelinas

Courtesy of Robert Gelinas


"Seventeen years of marriage, six children (one biological, five adopted) and still going strong." —Robert Gelinas

Kennita Keyke Harvey

Courtesy of Kennita Keyke Harvey


"My best friend, my soul mate! I love you, King Eli! Your Queen Atarah!" —Kennita Keyke Harvey

Christy and Philip Washington Jr.

Courtesy of Christy Washington


"This man captured my heart almost 13 years ago and has not let go of it since." —Christy Washington

Cherise and Frank McCall

Courtesy of Cherise McCall


"Married Oct. 26, 2007, and loving every minute of it!" —Cherise McCall

Kelly Walker

Courtesy of Kelly Walker


"The love of my life … we've been through so much together, and I can't imagine what my life would be without her." —Kelly Walker

Shannon and Anthony Mays

Courtesy of Shannon Mays


"This was our second wedding anniversary, and we are now approaching our ninth. My husband is a man of God, a hard worker, a great father and my best friend." —Shannon Mays

Eric and Michelle Jones Dabney

Courtesy of Michelle Jones Dabney


"This is the love of my life! My captain of my ship! There are times I would try to take over, but he sweetly shares the steering wheel with me. Happy Valentine's, Eric!" —Michelle Jones Dabney

Selita and Michael Harpe

Courtesy of Selita Harpe


"One of the happiest days of my life." —Selita Harpe

Anne and Maurice Lauher

Courtesy of Maurice Lauher


"Through it all — we've learned to trust in Jesus." —Maurice Lauher, married Nov. 9, 1967

Monet and Courtland Wilson

Courtesy of Monet Wilson


"Married Aug. 21, 1999, and still best friends." —Monet Wilson

Serena and Michael Cuttino

Courtesy of Michael Cuttino


"Together for 13 years: My first love standing in front of my second love, the job." —Michael Cuttino

Kathryn and Bryan Yarborough

Courtesy of Kathryn Yarborough


"People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that's what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life." —Kathryn Yarborough

David Phipps

Courtesy of David Phipps


"For the Valentine's Day gallery!" —David Phipps

Anthony and Kelly Weir

Courtesy of Anthony Weir


"This is my lovely wife, Kelly Victoria. We met on May 12, 2008, and were married on May 12, 2009. She makes me want to be a better man." —Anthony Weir 

Darrick Brown and Quiana Johnson

Courtesy of Quiana Johnson


"He loves me, flaws and all … " —Quiana Johnson

Samantha and Kery Davis

Courtesy of Samantha Davis


"This is what 20 years of a loving, strong, respectful and successful marriage looks like! He has loved me at my very worst and is the only man deserving of me at my very best!" —Samantha Davis

Huguet Marsha

Courtesy of Huguet Marsha


"My high school sweetheart … " —Huguet Marsha (left)

Renita and Alexander Smith

Courtesy of Renita Smith


"Love exists not in finding the perfect person but in seeing the imperfect person perfectly. He is not perfect, but he is perfect for me. I see the beauty in his soul; I feel the love from his heart." —Renita Smith

Stephanie and James Locke

Courtesy of Stephanie Locke


"On Dec. 27 my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. We are great friends and trusted partners. He is the love of my and our daughters' lives. I am a very lucky woman, and I look forward to our future together." —Stephanie Locke

Wilton George

Courtesy of Wilton George


"Happy Valentine's Day!" —Wilton George

Michael Richardson and Fonda Newman-Richardson

Courtesy of Fonda Newman-Richardson


"This is me with my soul mate. We met on a dating site and were married March 23, 2002 … We will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this year. Shortly after our marriage, he was thought to have cancer, and a few years following, I was in a power chair because of an accident … We have seen for better or worse and will continue to persevere through Christ." —Fonda Newman-Richardson

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