Cee Lo Has Meltdown at Coachella


Funk superstar Cee Lo Green is in the news for the wrong reason. Fresh from our "Celebrities behaving badly" folder, Grammy Award-winning musician Cee Lo Green reportedly went off on promoters during his set at the Coachella Music Festival, a three-day music festival held in California.

Lyndsey Parker reported that on the first day of the festival, Cee Lo was 30 minutes late for his scheduled performance and then threw a tantrum because promoters insisted that he stick to the schedule, which meant he would have to trim songs from his set. Parker says the singer was "shockingly unapologetic" and spent more time complaining, swearing, mumbling and asking attendees to flip off promoters than performing his actual songs. The eccentric singer got through four songs — Black Sabbath's "Iron Man," Gnarls Barkley's "Smiley Faces" and "Crazy," and his smash hit "F**k You" — before concert promoters pulled the plug on the bitter singer.

We find it funny that some celebrities have so many handlers but cannot seem to make it to anything on time, even if their life and career depend on it. What's not funny? Having a bad attitude when you're wrong in the first place.

Seriously, how are you going to be late and then get mad when the concert organizers go on with the schedule as planned? There is a schedule for a reason, and why should everything be thrown off, including the schedule, because you can't make it on time? How are you going to eat up your time dissing the promoters and trying to get the audience to go along with it?


Not only did Cee Lo cheat his fans, but he also cheated himself in the process. Note to superstars: It is not cool to be late, especially when there is a paying public. It seems like "F**k You" may be more than a song for the outrageous Mr. Green.

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