Nicki Minaj and her escort (Kevin White/Getty Images)

Nicki Minaj showed up at the Grammys escorted by a man dressed as the pope or a bishop, and followed that with a "Roman Holiday" performance containing a Catholic confession scene, an apparent demonic possession and chanting choir boys.

Many viewers mused about whether she'd gone too far, gone crazy or decided to attempt to out-weird Lady Gaga. The Catholic League, however, was not at all entertained. In a statement today, President Bill Donahue criticized the performance as offensive to Catholics and said that whether the eccentric star is "possessed" is an open question.

His statement, from the Washington Post:

None of this was by accident, and all of it was approved by The Recording Academy, which puts on the Grammys. Whether Minaj is possessed is surely an open question, but what is not in doubt is the irresponsibility of The Recording Academy. Never would they allow an artist to insult Judaism or Islam.


It’s bad enough that Catholics have to fight for their rights vis-à-vis a hostile administration in Washington without also having to fend off attacks in the entertainment industry. The net effect, however, will only embolden Catholics, as well as their friends in other faith communities.

Read more at the Washington Post.

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