After weeks of confusion and discussion over Caster Semenya's gender, one abominable thing has happened.  She's been put on the cover of South Africa's YOU magazine.  And no, she's not holding her gold for winning the 800m and cheesing it up winner-style.  She's wearing Michelle Obama, or should I say, looking like a Michelle Obama rip-off.  Semenya is sporting loosened braids, gold bracelets, a necklace, lipstick, nail polish and a sultry black dress.  I have nothing against a woman looking like a real woman or demonstrating to the world that a "boyish-looking" woman can look like a real woman.  Now that last statement is my attempt at crazy.  

I'm actually saddened that Semenya felt pressured to appease the masses who make it their life mission to decide who's right or wrong on our planet.  The masses that ignore the way nature [or God] designs and insist that there is no value in a human unless said human is browbeat with morality.  I wish Semenya had the impulse to give me a ring. I would have told her that a dress does not make a woman a woman.  Nor do gold bracelets or shoulder-length hair.  The only thing that matters with Semenya is that she's alive, she's here, and she's a brilliant athlete.  We need others like her.

Any thoughts?

Keith Josef Adkins is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and social commentator.