Cardi B to Donate Royalties From the Aptly Titled 'Coronavirus' to Charity

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Life in the time of coronavirus has been scary, anxious and most of all, fucking bizarre. I didn’t think the latest Cardi B hit was going to be a remix of a rant about coronavirus but here we are. I also didn’t think the shit would kinda bop.

This bright spot in the nightmare timeline occured when little known artist DJ iMarkkeyz sampled Cardi saying “Coronavirus! It’s getting real!” and threw it on a beat that, admittedly, slaps. The song has slowly started to go viral as the coronavirus has, indeed, gotten real. Now, according to MTV, both DJ iMarkkeyz and Cardi B want to parlay that success into helping people affected by the virus.

The song steadily rose on the iTunes chart and appeared in numerous TikTok videos (crazy how quickly that became a measure of a song’s success) It wasn’t long before Cardi B took notice.


Seeing the rapid success of the song, some fans suggested that any money made off the song should be given to charity and institutions that can provide assistance during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Both DJ iMarkkeyz and Cardi B co-signed the idea.

These are challenging times and even once the initial pandemic subsides, people are still going to face job losses as Cardi addressed in her tweet. There is no doubt that COVID-19 is going to substantially change things in the near future and it’s nice to know that there are already people trying to help mitigate the damage.  

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Look, you make a commercial song about something as deadly serious as COVID-19 you better be donating the full proceeds to charity, ‘cause this shit ain’t no joke.