Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion Bring the Heat and Some Surprise Guests in Music Video for Their New Song 'WAP'

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When Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion revealed earlier this week that they had a new collaboration coming out called “WAP,” I began eagerly anticipating and preemptively celebrating a wave of hot girl shit to take my mind off the hot mess that continues to be 2020.


The new song and music video from the two Billboard-topping rappers, released at midnight on Friday, did not disappoint.

In the video, Thee Stallion from Houston and Cardi from the Bronx enter the screen as pastel-outfitted princesses of a mansion, while the sounds of a Franki B sample transitions into Cardi singing about her “WAP,” which makes that “pull-out game weak.”

Let me pause here and explain that the three-letter song title is an abbreviation for “wet-ass pussy”—and it’s an assertion of feminine sexuality that drives the song and music video.

The video, however, features a ‘clean’ version of the song in which Cardi B huskily raps about “wet and gushy,” as she explained on social media that YouTube felt the raw version was too explicit for their platform.

But “kitties” still play a big part in the visuals. Alongside actual tigers, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion don sexy animal-print outfits, and each demonstrate their very impressive splitting abilities and assets in some very memorable scenes.


“Your honor, I’m a freak bitch,” Megan raps unapologetically.

The two give us choreography and increasingly dirty bars, and the music video also features some cute cameos—including the rapper Mulatto and singer-dancer-all-around-performer Normani (who also shows off her ability to split in the video, which reminds me that I never managed to learn how to do a split and still wish I did).


There’s also a—in my opinion—random cameo from Kylie Jenner in the video, which has triggered all sorts of reactions on Twitter and is likely what the appearance was aimed to do:


Regardless of the unnecessary reminder of the Kardashians, I recommend watching the video (shared below) and also listening to the explicit version of the scorching song, available on Spotify and other streaming platforms, to deep dive into the WAP experience.

Shoutout to Cardi and Megan for setting the internet a storm like the hot girls they are.


Now lemme go practice these splits...

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In all fairness how do I keep my 11 year old from finding this video?