Steve Voglezon
ABC News

Call him Captain America.

Of course, Steve Voglezon is not a comic superhero come to life. But he is a real-life captain in the U.S. Army, and he is also pretty heroic: He rescued two people from a burning vehicle in the aftermath of a car accident in Chatham County, N.C., ABC News reports.

According to the report, Voglezon had been on his way to the mall on Sunday with his girlfriend—fittingly wearing a Captain America T-shirt—when he witnessed the head-on collision. Ignoring danger, Voglezon, a Fort Bragg Army captain, leaped into action along with other neighbors who responded before firefighters even arrived.

Voglezon used a fire extinguisher to smash out the windows of one of the cars and dragged William Thompson out of the burning vehicle and away to a safe distance. 

“I grabbed one of the fire extinguishers and we smashed out … the back window and the driver’s side window. … There wasn’t a real plan; I just had tunnel vision,” the soldier told ABC News later.


After getting Thompson out of the vehicle, Voglezon turned back to the wreckage and helped get Thompson’s wife to safety, too.

“If I had not been a soldier, I would not have known what to do. The Army has helped a lot,” Voglezon said, crediting his strenuous training.


However, the humble soldier acknowledges that he did not work alone. “I was just at the right place at the right time,” he said. “People do this every day at the fire department. I wasn’t alone out there; there were at least 10 of us in the community working together."

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