Although Hoyes’ influences are eclectic and come from a variety of different genres across a multitude of creative outlets, if I were to describe her music in one word it would be Afrofuturism. This particular art form does not have one specific definition or fit into one particular box, it can be expanded upon and always grow into something new and fresh, just like Hoyes’ music.


“There are multiple definitions of what Afrofuturism is, and they all have elements of truth to them,” said Hoyes. “Using my influences with the training and experience I have in more structured aspects of music, and then combining them with my imagination and sense of history are some of the features that I attribute to Afrofuturism.”

She continued, “I have great respect for the wisdom of the past while always giving myself the space to not be beholden to anyone’s definition or to really even fit into something. Keeping the musical commitment and gravitas to having a message and self-expression and liberation is really all that I think is important.”


This is the type of creative energy that Hoyes plans on bringing to the Apollo Theater when she performs using her beautiful and alluring voice.

“I love that The Root is taking this celebration into the Apollo because these are two institutions, one that is contemporary and constantly moving us forward, and another that is rooted in where we come from, and I get chills thinking about the combination of these two things converging,” said Hoyes.


If you think Candice Hoyes’ creativity will captivate you, make sure to come to see her live at the Apollo Theater on Dec. 8 while we celebrate The Root 100 honorees!

In the meantime, listen to her most recent EP, Blue Lagoon Woman, and keep an eye out for new music coming from her and her band, Nite Bjuti, in 2023.