Candace Owens Is Big Mad at Netflix and Uber Eats for Having Black Categories, Calls it 'Segregation'

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Candace “If Miss Millie Were Black” Owens stays trying it, doesn’t she?

This housing complex negro (because sometimes a simple “house negro” isn’t enough to describe it) is so hellbent on getting “I don’t see color” white people to pat her white supremacist lapdog-ass on the head that she’s bringing in 2021 by resurrecting old tired-ass versions of the “what if there was a White History Month?” argument. This time, Jason Whitlock’s Sunken Place roommate has set her sights on Netflix and Uber Eats for the egregiously reverse-racist act of...adding Black categories to its platforms.


“Netflix now has a category for ‘black cinema’. Uber Eats now has a category for ‘black restaurants’,” Owens tweeted after Googling, “Can crying white tears lighten my complexion?” (I’m just guessing here). “The Left has reintroduced segregation back into American society under the guise of progressivism—they used #BLM propaganda to anger black people to the point of blindness.”

Seriously, what kind of weird, “I just want to be white so bad” UGG boot-licking shit is this?

In 2021, no one should still need to point out that currently and for all of American history, white people have enjoyed overwhelming representation in nearly every aspect of our popular culture (TV, film, literature, broadcasting, etc.), and they represent the vast majority of the country’s successful business owners.

So even a person who has made a career out of begging for a seat at the white nationalist table the way Owens has will have a hard time rationalizing what the harm is in highlighting Black cinema or giving people who want to support Black restaurants more search options. It’s almost as if Stacey Dash’s understudy scours the internet searching for excuses to be anti-Black under the guise of, well, whatever the hell “Blexit” is supposed to be.

Also, somebody should probably warn Ben Carson’s Seeing Eye dog that damn near every streaming service, from HBO Max to Hulu to Disney+, has some kind of Black category. It’s nothing new.


Anyway, Clarence Thomas’ spare gavel followed her tweet with some wannabe-white nonsense about how “Racist Democrats rebranded segregation as black empowerment, and ignorant fools fell for it.”


For someone who claims to be trying to protect us from progressive propaganda, Diamond and Silk’s weird edgeless house plant doesn’t appear to have a very high opinion of Black people or our ability to think for ourselves, does she?

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Candace Owens will, hopefully, disappear into irrelevance on January 20. She represents no percentage of Black people. Maybe she could sell herself and become a professional “Black friend.” As long as you don’t want the friend part.

I challenge to Root to stop any and all Candace Owens coverage in 2021. Most village idiots don’t get this much attention.