Black middle class redefines gentrification: According to the Washington Post, middle-class blacks moving into already predominantly black neighborhoods are changing the face of the "g-word."

Ten best black movie sound tracks: What happened to the days when sound tracks were almost as big as the movies themselves? Madamenoir takes a walk down memory lane with 10 of its favorites.

50 Cent threatens to withhold new album (again): The rapper caused a stir with some early-morning tweets saying he won't release another album on Interscope and threatening to leak Dr. Dre's new single, "Psycho."

Jackson Jr. stops short of calling racism: Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. says that President Obama is having a hard time getting Congress to grant him an increase in the federal debt ceiling because the first black president is the victim of "institutional bias." Why? Because he hails from the South Side of Chicago. Read between the lines.

In other news: NAACP: End the War on Drugs.