Can We Please Start A Campaign To Convince Rappers To Stop Bullying Meek Mill?

Lisa Lake/Getty Images for PUMA
Lisa Lake/Getty Images for PUMA

I was a high school teacher for three years. And after that an administrator at a University. And I ran a summer camp one summer. And before any of that happened, I was a school student for 17 years. My point? I know what bullying looks like. I know what it tastes like. (Unseasoned meatloaf.) I know what it smells like. (Chlorine.) I'm an expert in detecting and acknowledging bullying. And what rappers — and rap fans — are doing to Meek Mill right now qualifies as bullying. You all are bullying Meek Mill, and you should be ashamed of yourselves.


"So" I hear you saying to yourself in my head right now "how does Meek Mill qualify? He's rich, he's famous, he has a banging girlfriend, and he's homies with Beanie Sigel — qualities that should make him impervious to bullying." And you're right. On paper, Young Rameek is a very unlikely candidate for bullying. But his status hasn't prevented him from falling victim to what bullies do. Even Jewish-Canadian bullies with Carlito Brigante's beard. Which is find a person's sensitive/weak spot, and continue picking at and probing and bringing attention to it. In Meek's case, it's that he's a battle rapper — a guy who made his bones in street freestyle battles in Philadelphia — who's just not good at battle rapping.

It's the cruelest of ironies, really. It's like a kid who got a reputation for being a great boxer. And then you learn that he has no arms. Which makes you wonder how the hell he even got that rep. (Was he just boxing other armless men? Is shoulder boxing a thing in Philly?) But, although he possesses nan arm, he still has that reputation. Which is why it's not considered bullying when bullies like The Game and Drake mess with him. Despite the fact that it's been proven time and time and time and time and time and time and time again that there's absolutely nothing he can do to defend himself. Because listening to a Meek Mill diss track is like watching an armless man fight James Harrison.

So, if you care at all about setting a good example for our children, lets stop the bullying of Meek Mill now. We need to let him know that we're there for him. That we won't stand by and allow this defenseless 29-year-old to be bullied. And that it will get better. (Even though his music won't.)

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB, a contributing opinion writer for The New York Times, and the author of What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Blacker (Ecco/HarperCollins)



But let's play Devil's Advocate….you're Meek Mill, your ears are clogged so now you rap like you are asking your mother a question whIle vacuuming. You doing the album, you get a verse from Drake you listening to it, and you hear "the girl of your dreams to me probably not a challenge". Did this khaki colored halfbreed just shade me on my own record? Not like you would put it past him he is good for dirty macking on records…you remember "Only". So you salty you run up on the first lightskinned dude you see….DJ Drama. DJ Drama is like, son chill, Drake ain't even write that verse. Now you doin the Wee Bey gif like yooo. You spill the tea on twitter, and everyone like psssh Aubrey would never. You fish around for proof, DJ Drama is like, you on ya own B. Meanwhile you get hit with Back to Back and the whole Internet is laughing at you. Game set match.

You finally start to recover, and you get a call from Sean Kingston. Wah gwan? He like I got robbed by a bunch of people who had red flags and butterfly tattoos…you like idk ask Game sounds like some sh t he into. Now Game is on Instagram calling you a rat, posting pictures with your girl, writing super long comments and you like, all you did was answer a question. All you want to do is find words to rhyme with Rollie and now you all over Bossip again like last year. This time you ready, you go in the booth and strike first….but no one cares. The Internet just wants the messiness no one actually listening to bars. Then Game drops a diss, no one listening to that neither but Drake is messy so he reposts it for the masses. Life is unfair.