Calling 'Foul' on Republicans

Sen. Barbara Boxer
Sen. Barbara Boxer (right) with Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.)Alex Wong/Getty Images

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) writes in Politico that the "war on women" is not just a media catchphrase, as some Republicans are claiming; it's real. Boxer points to the number of legislative bills she's seen up for debate in the Senate as evidence.

House Republicans have introduced more than 30 bills that would restrict a woman's reproductive health care. Those same Republicans, who decry an all-too-powerful government, have no problem deciding what health care is right for our daughters, or sisters or mothers.

Legislators in 39 states have introduced almost 500 measures that tell women what type of health care they can or cannot have. Republicans introduced roughly 90 percent of these measures.

Here in Congress, 116 Republicans in the House and 19 Republicans in the Senate are co-sponsors of “personhood” legislation, which would criminalize abortion with no exceptions for the mother's life or health. The bill could also outlaw in vitro fertilization and many common forms of birth control. It could even bar doctors from providing life-saving care to women with dangerous ectopic pregnancies.

Read Sen. Barbara Boxer's entire article at Politico.


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