California Man Charged With Hate Crime for Driving Into a Crowd of Black People

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Not to continue to belabor the point, but white people have lost their goddamn minds, folks. If it’s not going full Karen in a Target over face masks or sending emails to my colleagues going “Not all white people, it’s committing whole ass crimes like driving a car into a crowd of Black people.


According to NBC News, Dennis Wyman, a 42-year-old white man, has been charged with assault and a hate crime for allegedly driving his car into a crowd of Black people outside of a Redondo Beach, Calif., hotel on June 29. It was unclear why the group was gathered there and how many were present. A statement released by the Torrance Police Department stated that Wyman was yelling racial slurs at the group before getting into his vehicle and driving into the crowd.

During the incident, Wyman wound up hitting a security guard whose son was among the crowd. The guard arrived to help provide assistance to the group and fired several shots at Wyman’s car before being struck. The guard suffered from injuries and was taken to the hospital though it is still unclear how serious his injuries were. Police say that Wyman fled from the scene after striking the man. According to the district attorney’s office, Wyman has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon resulting in great bodily injuries, hit and run and hate crimes with his bail set at $115,000.

Incidents like these are sadly becoming more and more frequent. As people have taken to the streets in the last few months to protest police brutality and systemic racism, we’ve seen multiple instances of protesters being stuck by cop cars or, in one case, a car carrying an elected official. Just last month three Black teenagers riding bikes were run off the road by a group of white men in a car.

It’s funny how a group that likes to yell “All Lives Matter,” consistently feels the need to endanger Black lives to prove their point.

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Glad to hear Daddy Security Guard shot at his ass, bet he wasn’t expecting that! Just wish he’d killed the coward who was feeling mighty big surrounded by all that steel.