Auntie Unfiltered: Not All White People

Whenever the topic of discussion turns to white people and the bullshit they pull against Black people, there will always be a few white voices that want to disrupt what could be a productive conversation with that old white people spiritual refrain:

“Not all white people.”

I’ve written about and spoken on this topic before. It’s nothing new.


Not all white people is a deflection. It rhymes with “I’ve always been good to you people,” and it is in the verse after “Some of my best friends are Black.”

It’s a defense mechanism that white people use when they feel affronted.

On this episode, I discuss why white people need to stop doing this.

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Bravo. It’s the same as #notallmen - IF you don’t recognize yourself we’re not talking about you. IF you get defensive (I once did), maybe you should shut up and listen far more than you flap your gums defending yourself. While I am not (I’m sure) as racially sensitive as I was, I am getting better all the time. We need to try to empathize with everyone’s experiences.

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