Cain: Liberals Want to Destroy the US

On Meet the Press this weekend, GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain explained to David Gregory his view that liberals would like to see the destruction of the United States. From Mediaite:

Cain argued that if the economic situation was to get any worse, "it would destroy our economic capability," and from that the United States would have to look at making cuts in defense spending, which Cain seemed to imply were not on the table for him. Gregory asked the candidate to clarify if he truly meant liberals would be implicit in the destruction of America, rather than just pure mismanagement. Cain continued to stick by his comments, saying, "They do not believe in a stronger America, in my opinion."

Source: Mediaite.

At this weekend's Martin Luther King memorial dedication, President Obama's remarks included the idea that Americans "can argue about the size of government without questioning each other's love of country," and he reminded the audience that King "would call on us to see the best in one another." Looks like we can name at least one person in the race for the White House who's not at all on board with that view.


Read more at Mediaite.

In other news: Veterans' Unemployment Trumps Civilian Rate.

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