Cain: I'm Not Supposed to Know About Foreign Policy

Herman Cain, Republican presidential candidate (Getty Images)

Just moments after his prominent gaffe while answering a question about Libya, GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain confidently proclaimed that he does not have to know about foreign policy, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

"I'm not supposed to know anything about foreign policy. Just thought I'd throw that out," he said to a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reporter while on his campaign bus on Monday, the afternoon after his interview with the paper's editorial board. "I want to talk to commanders on the ground. Because you run for president (people say) you need to have the answer. No, you don't! No, you don't! That's not good decision-making."


The former Godfather's Pizza CEO struggled to answer a question on Libya for about five minutes. He repeated that he would have "assessed the [Libyan] opposition differently" without saying how exactly his approach would have been different from President Barack Obama's. Cain also gave confusing answers on collective bargaining.

Cain told the board that he offered the position of secretary of state to 88-year old Henry Kissinger, who had the job in the Nixon and Ford administrations. Kissinger turned him down.

The more Herman Cain talks, the more he reveals that he is not ready for prime time. His anti-intellectualism is stunning. He should stop allowing himself to be used by the Republican Party, because he is sullying his reputation as a businessman. It is time to move on, Herman.

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