Bye, Tabbie: Missouri Waitress Fired After Horrific Racist Video About ‘N-Word Hunting’

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A Jefferson County, Mo., waitress is out of a job after she was filmed in a horrific racist video that went viral.


The video shows Tabitha “Tabbie” Duncan, 20, riding on top of a pickup truck down a dark country road.

“So we’re going nigger hunting today or what?” a man off camera asks.

“We’re going nigger hunting,” another man answers.

“We’re fucking nigger hunting right now,” the off-camera man replies.

“You get them niggers,” Duncan is seen encouraging the men with a smile as the narrator tells her how “pretty” she is.

If that wasn’t the most racist, redneck thing I have ever seen.

Of course, because internet detectives are the best to ever be, it wasn’t long before Duncan was clocked, identified and out of a job, the Riverfront Times notes.

Social media quickly identified her as a waitress at local breastaurant Social Bar and Grill, and the messages demanding comeuppance readily rolled in.

Social, based in south St. Louis County, speedily complied, saying that Duncan was “immediately terminated.”


The Times notes that Duncan’s personal Facebook page shows some pro-Donald Trump memes, as well as a meme slamming NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem.


Apparently, on Sunday Duncan shared a post about everyone making mistakes ... but you know, last time I checked, joking about hunting “niggers” wasn’t so much a mistake as a sick proclivity.

At any rate, she shut down her page after that.

But whatever, Tabbie—please let the door hit you on the way out.

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KC Complains A Lot

Further proof of two things.

1.) White people lack common sense.

2.) White people lack real friends.

How dumb do you have to fucking put this shit on video, and how shitty are you friends that they think it’d be HI-LARIOUS to post it on the internet for the entire world to see?

I mean I know part of being white is acting without consequences because the world rarely punishes them for bad behavior, but for fuck’s sake, have a little self-awareness.