Bye-Bye, Contested Convention: Donald Trump Wins Ind. Primary; Ted Cruz Drops Out

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump
Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Updated Tuesday, May 3, 9:30 p.m. EDT: In a win that will likely prolong Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign (even though it remains unlikely that he’ll win the Democratic nomination for president), CNN has called the state of Indiana for Sanders in the Democratic primary. It was a much-needed win after his rival, Hillary Clinton, pulled off a near sweep of states on the East Coast last week. Although the win will likely energize Sanders supporters, he still has a long way to go in the delegate math to seize the lead (or, eventually, the nomination) from Clinton.



Someone put the #NeverTrump bunch on suicide watch. CNN is predicting that Donald Trump has won the Republican primary in Indiana, and Politico is reporting that Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas is dropping out of the GOP race.

With every vote, a contested convention seems less and less likely on the Republican side.

It wasn't for a lack of effort (of sorts). Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich formed an alliance to stop Trump that faltered as quickly as it was forged. There was the whole #NeverTrump crowd, who knew what they were against but could never coalesce around who they were for. Cruz even named presidential-nominee wannabe Carly Fiorina as a running mate, a jaunty stunt that won him a bit of the news cycle for a day, but not much else.

It didn't win him Indiana. That state went to Trump—just like New York and Pennsylvania and many, many other states that held primaries before Indiana. According to Politico, Cruz's campaign manager, Jeff Roe, says that their race for the 2016 GOP ticket is done. 

Trump is so close to the 1,237 delegates he needs to win the GOP nomination on the first ballot at the convention that it seems inevitable. Also seemingly inevitable, if not yet over, is the race for the Democratic presidential nominee. Indiana is still too close to call between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.