Obama's stimulus package, the bill he hopes will save the country from an economically dismal future, includes a "Buy American" clause. The clause instructs that U.S. steel, iron, manufacturing goods are to be used in construction work funded by the stimulus package. Well, it makes sense to me. I think. You know, considering it's our economy that's struggling and our workers who need work and our communities that teeter on bankruptcy. Right? But others feel differently. Michael Wilson, the Canadian ambassador, as well as the European Union feel the "Buy American" clause could come back to bite Obama on his presidential rump. In other words, this clause could ignite trade wars. Meaning countries like China, which exports steel and iron, could get peeved and up tariffs on toys, cosmetics, live animals, seafood, etc. Hey, I'm no political or financial analyst—and somebody school me if I'm off base—but doesn't this mean while American companies buy American steel, American people [mainly the working-class and struggling artists] may have to pay the price by spending 30% more on that Made in China turtleneck?

Keith Josef Adkins is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and social commentator.