The Buzz can only hope that at age 71, we'll look as good as Roland Burris, who is actually the third African American U.S. Senator from Illinois in the last 11 years. But we’re also hoping that we pick up a little more humility along life’s journey. We'd like to avoid erecting a mausoleum for ourselves, as Burris has, with a laundry list of our own achievements carved in granite. In Burris’ case, the list includes the impressive accomplishment of becoming the first African American elected to statewide office in Illinois, but also lists somewhat less noteworthy résumé items, such as becoming the first African American exchange student from Southern Illinois University to Hamburg, Germany.

Really, player? Why stop there? You might as well add your stint as treasurer of the math club in 10th grade. And don’t forget to mention being the first black guy in the central time zone to wear flat front khakis.

In the words of another esteemed Chicagoan: That’s just “how we do it in the Chi.”