Boxer Jermall Charlo Gets Robbed of $150,000 in Cash and Jewelry by Women Who Are Not IG Models

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On Saturday, boxer Jermall Charlo was partying at Jay-Z’s 40/40 club in New York City when a fight broke out around 3 a.m. Sunday. The middleweight fighter, who hasn’t lost a fight in 26 professional bouts, began mixing it up when someone in his group left a Louis Vuitton bag unattended on the table.

According to the New York Daily News, women who were partying near the boxer saw their chance to swipe a Louis Vuitton bag, grabbed it and ran out of the club. The bag reportedly held some $40,000 in cash and $115,000 in jewelry.

I know what you are thinking, dear readers, and you’re wrong! It totally makes sense to have enough money and jewels to purchase a small house or a big body Benz in a bag inside the club. Also, how many times have you been wearing an iced-out chalice pendant and thought, “Man I really wish I had my iced-out leprechaun pendant necklace, as this really isn’t a chalice crowd?” Exactly! This is why Charlo had some of his jewelry with him, in case he needed to make a quick switch.

Police are looking to speak with these women in connection with the robbery.
Screenshot: Surveillance footage (New York City Police Department)

Surveillance video from the club, viewed by the Daily News, appears to show five women near the boxer when the fight begins. One of Charlo’s friends can be seen taking off his shirt and handing the bag to one of the women before joining the melee.

Police are looking to speak with this woman in connection with the robbery.
Screenshot: Surveillance footage (NYPD)

“We, of course, have given all footage to the NYPD and have cooperated as we always do for the last 15 years,” Didier Morais, a spokesperson for the club, told the Daily News. “The bag in question was handed to one of the girls with the Charlo party by a friend of the party host and she walked out of the club with it.”


Police are looking to speak with the young women seen leaving the club and added that none of them are IG models who normally get a bad rap for this type of robbery.

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