Adrien Broner in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 29, 2016, discussing his upcoming fight against Ashley Theophane

Junior welterweight world-titleholder Adrien Broner faces felony assault and robbery charges after he allegedly pistol-whipped a man to whom he’d lost a large sum of money while gambling at a Cincinnati bowling alley.

Broner, 26, who is scheduled to defend his title April 1, has two active warrants for his arrest related to the Jan. 21 incident, NBC News reports.

The Cincinnati Enquirer, citing court documents and sources, reports that it is alleged that the reported victim, Christopher Carson, initially won $8,000 from Broner in high-stakes gambling on bowling. Broner then reportedly bet another $6,000 and lost, making Carson's reported haul $14,000.

Broner reportedly became upset when Carson didn't want to gamble any longer. According to TMZ, around 3:30 a.m., Broner left the bowling alley, only to wait for Carson, and as he was leaving, Broner reportedly punched him in the face, nearly knocking him unconscious.

According to court documents viewed by TMZ, Broner "then retrieved a handgun from his vehicle, approached the victim, demanded money, then struck [the victim] in the face with a closed fist a second time, this time causing the victim to be rendered unconscious. Broner was then observed taking money out of the victim's pockets while he was unconscious before fleeing the scene."


Broner told ESPN, "I'm good," when asked about the incident, but declined to elaborate.

It is unclear whether Broner's legal issues will impede his upcoming fight.

"Adrien seems to have a penchant for walking around town and slugging people," said Carson's attorney, Chris Finney, according to the Enquirer. "We want it to stop."