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University of Cincinnati Officer Ray Tensing’s body-cam footage on July 19, 2015, shows the “bottle of gin” the officer asked about. Sam Dubose can be heard on the footage telling the officer that the bottle contained not liquor but air freshener, a statement that has now been confirmed by the Hamilton County, Ohio, coroner. 
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Turns out that the gin bottle Samuel Dubose handed to a University of Cincinnati officer, who would later kill him with a single gunshot to the head, didn't contain gin at all but was, in fact, filled as Dubose had said: with air freshener.

The July 19 exchange between Officer Ray Tensing, 33, and Dubose, 43, was caught on the officer's body cam and shows Tensing inquiring about the bottle.


"What's that bottle on the floor there?" Tensing asks Dubose.

"Oh, it's a bottle of air freshener," Dubose answers and hands the bottle to the officer.


According to the New York Daily News, the Hamilton County, Ohio, coroner analyzed the bottle and found that the liquid was, in fact, air freshener and that Dubose was telling the truth.  

Tensing was arrested shortly after the fatal shooting and is out on bond. He currently faces several charges, the most serious of which is murder.


The Daily News notes that Dubose's "family has set up a trust in Hamilton County Probate Court as the first step to filing a wrongful death lawsuit in the killing."

Read more at the New York Daily News.

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