Boris Kodjoe wants black women to get healthy. (Getty)
Boris Kodjoe wants black women to get healthy. (Getty)

Clutch is reporting that heartthrob Boris Kodjoe, former star of NBC's now defunct Undercovers, has angered some of his followers. His Twitter account lit up after making a  recent tweet about having a nightmare about an obese woman.

He tweeted: "Like a baby. Had nightmares though about 300 pound women gnawing on chicken wings while grinding on me. Scary."


Kodjoe's Twitter followers, most of whom are black women, immediately sent Kodjoe tweets, questioning what he was really trying to say. Kodjoe reaffirmed his love for all types of ladies, but he wanted more black women to be healthy.

He cited the statistics and began discussing how weight contributes to diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer and began giving tips for his followers on how to live a healthier life.

Kodjoe also challenged black women (who make up the majority of his fan base, to stop making excuses for being fat. He made several tweets about the matter, including the following:

"'MEN LIKE THICK GIRLS' There's the difference between a healthy and stacked sexy goddess (easy Boris) and an unhealthy obese one.' The actor added: 'DON'T HAVE TIME TO EXERCISE' If you have time 2 watch 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' u hv time 2 do jumping jacks and crunches.' 


Kudos to Kodjoe for cleaning up that impending Twitter mess and challenging black women to get healthy. While we think his initial tweet about his nightmare is laughable at best and insensitive at worst, it's good to check your followers when needed. The question is, can his followers check him on his acting?

Read more at Clutch Magazine.

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