Body Too Toned for Planet Fitness?

Tiffany Austin 

Tiffany Austin was just hoping to get back into shape after a car accident and, like so many others, went to her local Richmond, Calif., Planet Fitness in hopes of working it out … only to be told by an employee that she was "intimidating" others, according to KTVU

That's right. Austin was allegedly told by one of the branch's staff members that her toned body was intimidating other gymgoers and was asked to put on a baggier gym-issued shirt over her more flattering workout gear.


"We've had some complaints you're intimidating people with your toned body. So can you put on a shirt?" the staffer said, according to the news station. Shrugging it off—although she didn't see the issue with her crop top—Austin amicably agreed to put on a shirt.

However, while she was waiting for staff to bring the T-shirt, another gym employee came up to her and repeated the complaints—so at that point Austin got back her money and left.

"I felt intimidated and harassed by the place that says no intimidation," she told KTVU.

Planet Fitness prides itself on slamming "gymtimidation" and for being known to kick out individuals who violate rules that could possibly make the Average Joe feel intimidated—even having an alarm that goes off whenever someone does something that calls attention to themselves, such as dropping weights or breathing too heavily. Its gyms also ban tank tops—a policy that Planet Fitness is adamantly standing by.


The company told the local station that it stands by its dress code but that, if Austin was indeed targeted for her toned stomach, it "wasn't in line with Planet Fitness."

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