Blow the Whistle: Trump Retweeted the Name of the Alleged Whistleblower Because He’s Too Short’s Favorite Word

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When Too Short commanded that everyone “Blow the Whistle,” he didn’t mean for the president of the United States to in fact retweet the name of the alleged whistleblower who reported his dubious Ukraine phone call but such is life.


The actual whistleblower dropped dime on Trump’s shady phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on July 25. During the call, Trump asked for some illegal quid pro quo, aka political 69 action; basically, he wanted Zelensky to tickle is itch for information on possible political rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter in exchange for the fondling of congressionally approved Ukrainian aid.

According to BuzzFeed News, conservative news outlets have gotten the name of a CIA officer and have been floating this name as the whistleblower.

From BuzzFeed News:

The retweet comes after several months of increasing pressure from the president and his supporters to take action against the whistleblower who raised concerns about Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. A complaint, filed by the anonymous whistleblower in August, touched off the investigation and eventual impeachment process against Trump.

Trump has repeatedly used his Twitter account to call for the whistleblower to testify before Congress or to be investigated. Numerous Trump allies, including Donald Trump Jr., have previously named the alleged whistleblower. However, Trump himself has refrained from naming an individual.

On Thursday, the president retweeted a Trump campaign account that had shared a link with the alleged whistleblower’s name in the URL. Then, on Friday, he retweeted a message that included the name from an account with the handle @Surfermom77, which describes itself as a “100%Trump Supporter.” It was the second to last message he shared over a three-hour period in which he tweeted or retweeted more than 40 messages.

The Root has not published the alleged whistleblower’s name because we refuse to do Trump’s work. Also, the whistleblower deserves to remain anonymous because he’s clearly doing the lord’s work.

Twitter, who doesn’t give a fuck that its site has become a public shaming station and a place to host Russia’s agenda, told BuzzFeed News that it doesn’t really give a fuck that the alleged whistleblower may have been outed as it doesn’t violate its company’s policy. Now if the president published the man’s phone number or address, then Twitter would step in.


Also, BuzzFeed News notes that Twitter’s autocomplete function was willing to help those who might have trouble spelling the man’s name as just typing in the first two letters of his first name would pull his full name up.

Facebook told BuzzFeed News on Thursday that they don’t play that shit and while they are all for housing Russian propaganda, publishing a whistleblower’s name is a step too far, even for them!

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So Twitter will put you in the Twitter Corner for telling someone that they’re a bitch ass but actually breaking the law is a-okay.

Sounds about white.