Bloody Beefs in the Social Media Age: Ice Cube and MTV Studios to Reboot Celebrity Deathmatch

Ice Cube looks on during the BIG3 Championship on August 24, 2018 in Brooklyn, New York.
Ice Cube looks on during the BIG3 Championship on August 24, 2018 in Brooklyn, New York.
Photo: Al Bello/BIG3 (Getty Images)

Celebrity Deathmatch back.

Well, it will be, thanks to Ice Cube. Many of us remember sitting down in front of the TV and watching stop-motion animated bloody fights between celebrities as part of our wildest fantasies. It gave us the opportunity to see what would happen if celebrity beefs were transported to the ring in Pay-Per-View style.


According to Deadline, MTV Studios will be bringing back the popular and bloody animated series, with Ice Cube set to star and executive produce through his company, Cube Vision. Series creator Eric Fogel will return to his baby as executive producer.

“Happy to once again be working with Viacom and MTV on a fan favorite like Celebrity Deathmatch and to continue our success together,” Ice Cube said.

Ice Cube will host, but will his animated version ever get inside the ring? Has he ever? The legendary gangsta rapper has pivoted over to the family man identity in recent years, so maybe he’s trying to up his street cred again? Who knows, but I know one thing: nostalgia is all up and through this decision.

Celebrity Deathmatch premiered in 1998 and was subsequently canceled in 2002. A revival premiered on MTV2 in 2006 and lasted for two seasons. There was a failed attempt to reboot it for MTV2 in 2015, but Fogel confirmed it actually hadn’t been picked up for a pilot on Twitter.

This is a good time to revive the show since social media wasn’t around during Celebrity Deathmatch’s origin. Imagine the celebrity beefs that could literally be squashed with a Claymation clash. Twitter fingers could turn to broken fingers—in the safety of fictional television, of course.

A few matchups we’d love to see:

Drake vs. Pusha T

Kanye West vs. Everybody Black

Cardi B vs. Nicki Minaj

Azealia Banks vs. Anyone With A Twitter Account

Beyoncé vs. Jay-Z (The BeyHive, who still ain’t really here for Jigga, but simply tolerates him for their queen, would live for this; let’s be honest.)


Mariah Carey vs. J. Lo

The Kardashians vs. Anonymity

Kevin Hart vs. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Cardi B vs. Offset

Nicki Minaj vs. Remy Ma

Will Smith vs. Janet Hubert

Michelle Obama vs. Donald Trump (y’all know she secretly wants to knock off that misshapen wig.)


T’Challa vs. Killmonger (Editor’s note: Wait ...)

50 Cent (and his strap) vs. Ja Rule

Rihanna vs. All The Salty Makeup Brands

Issa vs. Lawrence

Tariq vs. The Power Audience

Mo’Nique vs. Lee Daniels

Kevin Hart vs. Unemployment

(Just to name a few)

Cube and company will be shopping the reimagined series to air on premium and streaming networks in 2019.

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Drake Vs Kanye

Trumps Vs Kardashians (Tag team match where Kanye plays both sides)

Roseanne Vs Whoopi

Ben Carson Vs Common (The sleepiest black man faces off against one of the wokest!)

NOTE-Honestly I think Chance The Rapper is the most woke black male celeb, but I think he seems like too nice a guy for this. He’d probably have Ben and Candy over for dinner, teach the job of the secretary of HUD to them, and send Ben home in a 3 hat

Bonus points for anybody that can think of a good match for Michael Rapaport. I just keep thinking of him talking shit about Janet, but I wouldn’t want her to waste her time on that talking pile of cream of mushroom soup in a sausage case. Michael Rapaport looks like he swims in dumpsters the way Scrooge Mc Duck swims in his money vault. Fuck Michael Rapaport is what I’m trying to say.