G.D. of Post Bourgie discusses the state of New York public school tenure, which he finds "ridiculous"

As I’ve blogged about before, education experts have come to see teacher quality as such an important factor to student achievement that it can override other factors. Clinging to this system of tenure and seniority (in New York City, tenure is typically granted after three years) regardless of a teacher’s performance doesn’t make much economic or educational sense. Bad, tenured teachers still receive raises for time served, and still hinder student performance.

And a recent report from the National Council on Teacher Quality shows that when cash-strapped school districts conduct layoffs,  they overwhelmingly go the “last hired-first fired” route, sacking newer teachers who make less than their older counterparts. That means more newer teachers have to be let go to achieve the same fiscal goals as sacking fewer longer-tenured, better paid teachers — which also has the deleterious effect  of driving up class sizes.


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