So often, we don't give credit to young people who do wrong, accept the consequence and try to better themselves. The term "penitentiary" has been replaced by "correctional facility" because it seems to imply that, rather than flagellation for their crimes, inmates are being "rehabilitated" to be better and more productive members of society. But we know that's not true. The penitentiary idea helps us maintain the moral high ground; helps to distinguish us from people who made poor choices and are being punished through the forfeiture of their freedom. Rehabilitation? That would require us to accept those who paid their debt according to our laws. True; it is not easy to re-establish trust, but that's not the real issue. To forgive people erodes the moral high ground on which we stand and judgment on shaky ground isn't nearly as appealing as having a strong base from which to shake our fingers at those people we're better than, those people who (get caught) breaking our laws.

Buzz Note: That was totally not pass interference in that Fiesta Bowl.