#BlackWomenDemand: What We Insist the Democratic Party Does for Us

Angela Peoples holding sign (Kevin Banatte)
Angela Peoples holding sign (Kevin Banatte)

Black women have done a lot of heavy lifting in the past year. This comes as a surprise to no one, because black women in America have been doing heavy lifting since we were brought here.

It’s more significant at this particular point in time because of the political climate in which we exist. As we lead the struggle and continue to fight for black lives, black men and our own black selves, our humanity is repeatedly denied and at times erased. Our stories are co-opted and monetized by others, while our voices are left out of the conversation.

For 2018, we demand more. Some black women want a seat at the table, while others want to smash the table and build something that centers the needs of black women, black families and black communities.


From the 2016 presidential election to the recent Alabama special Senate election, we have seen that when the time calls for it, black women show up and show out. But who is there for us? We have helped the Democratic Party repeatedly, but what has the Democratic Party done for us?

We turn to you, black women, and ask, if you could make any demand of the Democratic Party, what would it be?

Please share your answers with us in the comments. If you choose to answer on social media, please use the hashtag #BlackWomenDemand.

We look forward to engaging with you on this important topic.

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Low interest loans and grants and tax cuts to black women starting/ have small businesses. I watched my aunt sell every nice thing she had to start hers. She took a pay cut to make sure her lowest paid employee was $15 an hour. Today she employs 25 people 85% women.