News One

Ever wonder about the history of "black Twitter" or how that name even came to exist? Well, News One has prepared an informative and entertaining infographic that explores just that.

"The concept of 'Black Twitter' actually has a history that is years-deep," the site says. "We believe that the phenomenon has its roots in black innovation — our cultural predilection to take tools and technology and use them in ways that even their creators never imagined possible. And while for some the black predominance on social networks like Twitter may cause consternation — and to others a shrug of indifference — the phenomenon itself is so rich and still so present that it's worth a bit of a recap."

As we've asked here before, wouldn't it be great if we leveraged our tweeting power for a greater good? Despite nonexistent trending topics, Troy Davis was a good start. Well, a new year is just around the corner. Who knows what it will bring?

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