Alfre Woodard in Funny or Die’s "Black “Women Run Hollywood” video
Funny or Die screenshot

Turns out that all those years that black women were left on the sidelines in Hollywood were not because of discrimination but because of a secret organization of black women—including actresses such as Alfre Woodard, Tracee Ellis Ross and Meagan Good—who deliberately set it up that way so they could rule in secret.

At least, that’s how a Funny or Die video portrays it. The parody also shows the secret organization attempt to bring Jurnee Smollett into the fold.

“Haven’t you ever wondered why black women play such minor roles in movies? Why more of us aren’t directors or producers?” Woodard asks Smollett.

“Racism? Sexism? Both?” Smollett quips.

“We’ve been flying under the radar, darling, to maintain complete control,” Woodard said, without missing a beat.


The skit goes on to divulge that Beyoncé and other stars like her were ejected from the society because they drew too much attention, before Smollett is sent off on her next covert role to play George Clooney’s “sister’s nanny” to “secretly guide the project and as a result save three species of dolphins from extinction.”

“Don’t worry,” Woodard says at the end. “You won’t even have to get your hair wet!”

Watch the full video below (NSFW):