Black Woman Attacked, Beaten Unconscious After Rejecting Man’s Advances: Report


A young Michigan woman was assaulted outside her Westland, Mich., apartment when a group of men tried to abduct her after she rebuffed one of them, authorities say.


WDIV Click on Detroit reports that a young woman in her 20s was exiting a bus while on her way home from studying at a local community college when a man began following her.

“A guy was walking behind her when she got off the bus, I guess a little distance behind her,” the woman’s stepmother, Ingrid Pittman, told the station. “He hollered out to her, ‘Can you give me a hug?’ She started walking faster, and he started walking faster behind her. She started to run.”

According to Pittman, a black SUV pulled up and three men maced her and tried to pull her into the vehicle. The victim furiously fought back, and the men beat her and left her in the parking lot unconscious.

The woman is now recovering at home. She is too afraid to share her story, but police are searching for the suspects. If you have any information, authorities ask that you email the Westland Michigan Police Department.

Read more at WDIV Click on Detroit.

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Ugh, I feel for this poor woman. As a woman who often traverses the world alone, this is one of my biggest fears. Just the other day at the grocery store I was accosted by a group of men who didn’t seem to understand why I averted eye contact, smiled nervously, and moved quickly past them as they “complimented” me. This is why. Women don’t want things to escalate, so we do our best to not “offend” fragile male egos lest we are verbally or physically assaulted.