Black TV Watch: Take That, WorldStarHipHop Haters!

Brian Kiley on Conan (TBS)

(The Root) — If you love black stand-up comedy, then you probably got a good chuckle while watching Tuesday night's talk shows. From "laying the smackdown" on commenters or laughing about exes who get famous men in trouble, Deon Cole and Finesse Mitchell were very funny.

Conan (Wednesday, 11 p.m. ET; TBS)

"And you're calling me a sellout because I'm doing something positive by making millions of people laugh at once? N-word, please." —Brian Kiley


When Deon Cole complained about white people in his office congratulating him on President Obama's re-election, he didn't know the video would go viral and get more than 500,000 hits on And according to the various opinions in its comments section, the video had folks pretty riled up. After being called an "old Lionel Richie-lookin' mother-[bleep]," Deon decided that the haters needed his response, but he wasn't going to start one of those infamous WSHH battles. Enter Brian Kiley, Deon's white spokesperson.

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (Wednesday, 12:35 p.m. ET; NBC)

"None of the commercials said the movie had subtitles and people didn't want to read. And my friends was reading out loud; they was using their finger." —Finesse Mitchell

"My brother called me, like, 'I've been keeping my affair secret for 20 years; I should be head of the CIA.' " —Finesse Mitchell

Funny man Finesse Mitchell visited Jimmy Fallon last night, and he talked about everything from his new stand-up gig with Shaq to how getting drunk changes with age, and how the "hos" couldn't snag Barack Obama but caught Herman Cain … and apparently Questlove, too. LOL.


Celeste Little is an editorial intern at The Root.

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