Black TV Watch: 'Scandal' Season Finale

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope on Scandal (ABC)

(The Root) — Not much can lighten up a Thursday when viewers of Scandal watched as Olivia Pope looked for who shot her boo, the POTUS. But Jamie Foxx and Wyatt Cenac come close. Check out our wrap-up of the juicy drama and where the jokes were on late-night TV.

Scandal (Thursday, 10 p.m. ET; ABC) 

"You know that guy they're looking for that shot the president? That's me." —Huck 


Highlight: So, last we thought, Huck had shot the president. In fact, everyone in the country thinks Huck shot the president. A sketch of him has been circulating all over the news, but actually, he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. 


Well, remember Huck's boo, Becky? He met her at his AA meetings, and she claimed to be addicted to cocaine. Well, she went missing, and Huck was in that hotel room looking for her when a computerized sniper gun in that same room shot the president. 


Come to find out, Becky's actually a trained killer and she has set him up. She also still loves him, so they have even more in common than Huck initially thought. Even though he's got it bad, Huck decides to do the right thing and lead the authorities to Becky, but of course, he ends up getting arrested instead. Watch here.

The Late Show With David Letterman (Thursday, 11:35 p.m. ET; CBS)

Highlight: Let us just say, Jamie Foxx's impression of Mick Jagger was hilarious. He channeled the aging rocker as he recalled Wednesday night's 12-12-12 Sandy benefit concert. But more important, the Oscar winner — who was celebrating his 45th birthday on Thursday — was in the building to promote his controversial new movie, Django Unchained, which is coming out on Christmas Day. Let's just say he's winning.


The Daily Show With Jon Stewart (Monday to Thursday, 11 p.m. ET; Comedy Central)

"I watched this puppet for hours doing things no flesh reporter could do." —Wyatt Cenac 


"It's just easier to talk to the puppet, I guess." —Jon Stewart

Highlight: Wyatt Cenac learns about how to be a better journalist … from a respected Puerto Rican puppet/TV host. Through the magic of some Puerto Rican rum, perhaps, he is transformed into a puppet himself and maybe even a better journalist? ABC News' White House correspondent Jake Tapper even tossed him out of a press conference. The comp among reporters is serious. But when he got back to the show's New York studio, he had a sweet, awkward moment with Stewart. It was the perfect goofball send-off that you'd expect from the comic's Daily Show finale.


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