Black TV Watch: Romney's Lunch Attire?

Mitt Romney in his Coming to America outfit (The Daily Show With Jon Stewart)
Mitt Romney in his Coming to America outfit (The Daily Show With Jon Stewart)

(The Root) — Thursday was a wild day in politics — both real and fictional. Olivia Pope's whole world imploded, and Mitt Romney's probably did, too, both for reasons that had everything to do with POTUS. Plus: Nas and Anthony Hamilton took the stage on Conan.


Scandal (Thursday, 10 p.m. ET; ABC)

"This whole house of cards will come tumbling down." —Hollis Doyle

"I just don't want to go." —Mellie

Highlight: Woah. It really hit the fan on last night's Scandal. David has been conspiring against Olivia all season. We all know that. But we didn't know his crazy behind was actually onto something. When he gives Cyrus' journalist husband, James, his findings — it's on. David's theory is that voting machines in Defiance, Ohio, were rigged to get Fitz into office. James does a little digging and learns that this is absolutely, completely and 100 percent true. And that guy everyone has been meeting with? Hollis Doyle? He's starting to ask the team to push his agenda. And he's not being very polite about it.


When Olivia gets her very honest boyfriend, Edison, appointed as House majority leader, Hollis is really tight. He know his shady dealings won't be moving very far if he has to work with Edison.

Oh, and Quinn is starting to piece together her story, even if we're all still incredibly confused. Just when we thought we couldn't take any more controversy or drama, somebody pops a cap in Fitz! And right after Mellie gave him a warning, too. Jeez. It's almost too much scandal to handle.

Watch the whole mess here.

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart (Thursday, 11 p.m. ET; Comedy Central) 

"Obama couldn't have met the guy at a restaurant? Had to make him come to the White House? That's some cold brew." —Jon Stewart


"Oh, you worked so hard for seven years, and you got to the door and you were just about to knock and go in, and they say, Sorry, motherf—ker!'" —Jon Stewart

Highlight: What would you do to be a fly on the wall of the Romney-Obama lunch? Or even a bug crawling on the ground outside? Well, maybe you'd catch Romney arriving at the White House Coming to America style. Or maybe you'd catch President Obama gloating a little.


Conan (Thursday, 11 p.m. ET; TBS)

"You gain your life just to lose your soul, never thinking twice bout what the future holds." —Anthony Hamilton


Highlight: On last night's Conan, Nas performed "World's an Addiction," from his album Life Is Good. The song features Anthony Hamilton, and between Nas' powerful lyrical skills and Hamilton's powerful, soulful voice, we can call it a hit.

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