Black to the Future: This Scientist May Hold the Key to Time Travel

Ronald Mallett, a theoretical physicist and professor emeritus of physics at the University of Connecticut, claims to have the solution to time travel.


“I actually solved Einstein’s gravitational field equation,” Mallett told The Root.

His work has been recognized globally and widely acknowledged by the scientific community. This discovery, and the road to it, has been well documented in numerous interviews, documentaries and Ron’s own book, The Time Traveler.


“My solutions to his equations showed that a circulating beam of light will actually cause space and time to become twisted,” says Mallett. “Eventually that twisting of space, if it was great enough, might lead to a twisting of time into a loop that could allow the possibility of time travel or sending information back into the past. And that was my breakthrough.”

Mallett is no stranger to making history. As the first black scientist to work at UConn and one of few black physicists in the field during his early years, making a breakthrough in time travel could place him right in line with his idol, Albert Einstein.

For him, this work is personal. His motivation behind studying time travel began after the death of his father as a young boy. “I thought if I could go back into the past, I could see him again and maybe prevent what was going to happen,” he says. “So that became my passion.”

A young Ronald Mallett and his family at Bronx Park.
A young Ronald Mallett and his family at Bronx Park.
Photo: Courtesy of Ronald Mallett

Mallet sat down with The Root to explain his theory and what it would take to bring time travel to reality in our lifetime in the video above.

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Nunna Yorz - You're NOT my ally just because you hate Trump

Why does this feel like the setup for a new Terminator movie? Like didn’t a black dude design Skynet or invent time travel in those movies?

All kidding aside this is cool, and mind blowing for the practical potential and what it would mean philosophically as it could change our understanding of, well, damn near everything.

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