Black Tech Green Money Joins the Black Effect Podcast Network

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Image: Black Effect Network/iHeartMedia

Since its launch last summer, AfroTech’s Black Tech Green Money has shared the stories of successful Black entrepreneurs and technologists, in addition to providing actionable advice and wealth-building strategies from a Black perspective. Hosted by Will Lucas, the popular podcast has featured an assortment of prominent guests dropping jewels on building lucrative relationships in business, vetting potential investors, and other tricks to the trade to help listeners unleash their Black excellence.


With its popularity on the rise, now comes the news that the show has partnered with iHeartMedia and Charlamagne Tha God’s The Black Effect Podcast Network to help distribute its must-listen podcast for Black entrepreneurs and moguls in the making to a much wider audience.

Black Tech Green Money is a podcast for us, by us—designed to help us find our path to wealth and legacy in tech,” Lucas said in a statement to The Root. “With Charlamagne and The Black Effect Podcast Network, we’re set up to reach so many more people all over the world.”


A show of this nature is a tremendous asset in our collective quest to erase the racial wealth gap and achieve generational wealth. It’s also a perfect fit for the burgeoning digital empire that Charlamagne is building with The Black Effect Podcast Network, which also recently announced a partnership with the popular financial literacy podcast Earn Your Leisure.

“If we don’t get Black people more aware and invested in the tech world, so many of us will get left behind,” Charlamagne said in a statement to The Root. “Black Tech Green Money is a game-changer. They are translating tech with a cultural fluency for the unique Black experience and revealing where and how best to create pathways to invest in future wealth creation. As a fan of the AfroTech movement and Will Lucas, it’s an honor and a privilege to assist and amplify their efforts to educate our people.”

New episodes of Black Tech Green Money drop every Tuesday and are available on your podcast platform of choice.

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