Black Mom Singlehandedly Breaks Up Confederate Group in South Carolina

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Hate groups emboldened by the presence of the first candy peanut to tie its own shoes in the White House should be warned: Black Americans tend to have black moms.


And black moms tend to get what they want.

Circuit court judge Judge Alex Kinlaw Jr. found in favor of a black mother in South Carolina who brought suit against The Secessionist Party after the hate group posted pictures of her children holding confederate memorabilia without her permission.


As part of an agreement reached with the court, the group, named by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a bit player in the world of Confederate sympathizers, has agreed to disband and pay $1,000 to the Charleston NAACP. Should its members reassemble in the future, they will be ordered to pay $3 million to the mother and her children.

While enjoying a picnic with their mother, two children, aged 7 and 8, were drawn to a nearby firetruck. They were approached by a member of the now-disbanded circle jerk and given a small confederate flag which they were told to hold close to their body for a photo.

The resulting picture, posted to the Group’s Facebook page, was posted with the caption “Spreading the love to ALL our Southern Brothers and Sisters,” according to the suit.

Inundated with hateful comments and messages, the mother said she eventually deactivated her profile.


For his part, James Bessenger, chairman of the confederacy of dunces, said that the group was disbanding because the ideas of its members who shared an enthusiasm for America’s Godfather III had been drowned out by—wait for it—racists.

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This is why Black women are tired. Thank you to this tireless Black woman and her two children to witness and try to correct the wrongs with a right. *Queues “This Woman’s Work”.