Black Florida Teacher Under Fire for Tweeting White Supremacist Propaganda ... and Sis, What Are You Doing?

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Man, I know Florida gets a bad rap, but when things like this pop up, I really have to wonder about what’s in the water down there, and how a black middle school teacher could be caught spreading racist propaganda about Muslims, including posts shared by white supremacist groups.

Like, sis.

But apparently that’s what 51-year-old Sundai Brown is being roundly criticized for—more specifically, for her Twitter posts that have sparked outrage and concern from parents at Bridgewater Middle School in Orange County.


According to the Orlando Sentinel, one of her tweets read, “Imans worldwide instruct muslims to invade western countries, outbreed them, overthrow governments, kill infidels and implement sharia law.”

In another post, she retweeted a message that read, “If you think Hurricane Irma is bad, wait till you get a load of Hurricane Allah.”

Really? Hurricane Allah?

In other posts, she retweeted and shared an anti-Muslim post by a far-right Dutch politician, as well as one by Identify Evropa, a well-known white supremacist group.


Does Brown really know whom she’s retweeting? Does she know they’ll easily and readily get rid of her, too? What are you doing, sis?

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To make matters worse, apparently the school knew about Brown’s wildly inappropriate and racist social media posts, with Bridgewater Principal Andrew Jackson confirming that the posts were from 2017 and noting that “we addressed these concerns with the teacher at the time.”

“The school district does not condone or interfere in social media posts of employees unless there is a violation of the professional code of ethics,” Jackson added.


But ... how is this not ethically a problem? How does a teacher get away with targeting a group of people, a group that is likely represented in the school and in her classroom?

Orange County Public Schools spokesperson Kathy Marsh confirmed that Brown was still employed with the district, and declined to say whether the posts led to a district investigation.


And I guess Florida will keep on Florida-ing.

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